How do women feel after a Yoni Mapping session?

After receiving Yoni Mapping, women often have similar things to say:

“I feel like all women need to experience this!”
“I was so nervous before but it felt so natural and normal…”
“I had no idea all that was inside of me, that it’s all part of me… ”
“I feel like I’m totally whole – I’ve never felt so complete.”
“I’m feeling all these sensations that I’ve never felt before.”
“OMG… Can you teach this to my boyfriend!?”
“It’s like my vagina and I are friends now!”

After my session with Hayley I seem have a lot less judgemental and more loving and connection to myself. I feel very connected to my heart space and have been focusing on also feeling more connected to my womb during meditation using the tools gained from the session. I feel like a bit of a veil has been lifted from me with trying to please others all the time, that need seems to be slowly fading away each day. 

I have noticed that when I laugh i feel more connected- like I can feel it deeper in my belly/soul, and have also noticed that it easier to sing (I am not a singer but enjoy singing!) I generally feel more present every day.

The other thing I have reflected on is the fact that I think it was definitely better that the session mostly resulted in a lot of emotional pain for me rather than pleasure. I think for a long time I have been avoiding all of those feelings and i definitely needed to meet myself in that way then I can look to move forward.


What a vulnerable and powerful experience Yoni Mapping was for me. I am 7 months pregnant and up until now hadn’t felt really connected to my baby. The combination of massaging my belly, deep breathing and just simply smiling, created this wave of love and happiness that overcame not only my body but my soul. Finally – after months of feeling scared and stressed about pregnancy and birth – I felt at peace. Yoni mapping has taught me to embrace my pregnancy – not be afraid of it, and to trust that my baby and my body know exactly what to do. 


Hayley’s humble and unassuming approach to healing put me at ease the minute I walked in the door.
A cup or tea and a biscuit and a warm conversation about ‘taboo’ topics.
From the minute the massage started I could feel the energy and connection with Hayley based on love and acceptance.  My usually busy mind battled with the vulnerability of the situation, and with Hayley’s intuitive guidance I was able to breath through most issues that arouse.  After the body massage, we moved onto the yoni mapping.  This was a new experience for me.  The mapping created energy that started in my womb and moved all the way around my body.  Hayley was gentle and verbally guided me throughout the exploration which made me feel at ease through out the entire experience. I cant recommend this enough. Kobie

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