What makes Yoni Mapping different to other Yoni related bodywork sessions or therapy modalities?

There are many different methods and styles out there – some incredible and some not so great. The main issue with this industry is that it is not properly regulated, so there are lots of people without any training (or with very limited training) offering sessions that could potentially be causing more harm than good. Touching vaginas professionally is a pretty big deal, in my opinion. There are very few courses that teach an embodied version of anything holistic or integrated related to this- most focus just on one or two angles or approaches.

Here are a few examples of other ways some practitioners work in this general field:

MEDICAL / PHYSICAL APPROACH  -The purely medical or physical approach often has no regard for the human being inside the body, the delicate nervous system and the complex web of emotions we all experience. (This is why many of my clients have major trauma from pap smears / medical procedures / operations etc) Some of these modalities go straight into the vagina without any warm up or expressed consent. The body can sometimes be seen as just as a machine by people who have trained within the medical system – simply a system of muscles and bones- things to manipulate, fix, untangle, release.

ENERGETIC APPROACH – Some modalities are based on energetic healing, which can be powerful – clearing energetic blockages without physical touch. However, I really feel that physical touch is so important with the Yoni – to relax, sensitise, release physical tension  and feel more connected to the area in a visceral, embodied sense.

SEXUAL APPROACH – Some practitioners work mostly from a sexual perspective – with a goal orientation of trying to give a woman an orgasm, to awaken her g-spot or “make her squirt”. These sessions are trying to give her an experience rather that simply being present with what is there – and they often have a weird or seedy vibe.

‘TANTRIC’ APPROACH -Tantric Yoni Massage sessions can be really beautiful, but are generally framed as a spiritual thing – a “Tantric experience” – and often don’t offer coaching or practices to deepen your connection with yourself. Tantric bodyworkers can be highly trained in working with sexual energy but tend to do bodywork that is more surfaced-based, rather than also working more specifically with the muscles and fascia / working with specific issues  /  or supporting women emotionally through a process.  All practitioners work differently – this is just my personal experience of Tantric massage.

MENTAL APPROACH – When things are challenging in the realm of sex and relating, we are taught to go to see a psychologist, counsellor or psychotherapist. Some of these kinds of therapists are quite incredible – psychotherapy can be just the right thing in many cases – and I do OFTEN refer clients to psychologists and psychotherapists or trauma therapists when it could be helpful for them. However, for SOME people who have issues with feeling disconnected from their body or have experienced a  violation of their body, it doesn’t always help long term. This is because many “talk therapy” styles tend to just stay focused in the mind – rehashing the story but not always getting anywhere in terms of the story stored in the body.

Yoni Mapping is an integrated therapy modality developed by Bonnie Bliss – a gentle and respectful ‘Guided Tour’ of your most intimate and mysterious inner world, with the intention of supporting you to reconnect with your own innate body wisdom.

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