Why is this type of therapy necessary? Does it really need to be internal?

There are many medical studies proving the benefits of internal therapeutic pelvic massage – documented by the Wise-Anderson Protocol at Stanford University.

Some people would say that it’s unnecessary to do internal massage for women – that we don’t need to touch clients internally in order for them to learn. This is true, we don’t need to. However, there are several benefits of offering such intimate sessions (apart from the obvious physical benefits of pelvic massage!)

In our culture today, so many women are completely disconnected from their whole pelvic region – mostly due to trauma of some kind. We live in such a highly sexualised world, yet this overt sexuality is usually just expressed on the surface. Underneath, many of us are struggling to understand ourselves as sexual beings. Even in my workshops, I rarely meet women who truly KNOW their vagina well.

Massaging and mapping internally allows a woman to actually meet her Yoni. To discover this part of her that has always been there. We do not receive adequate education about our own basic anatomy and sexuality. In fact, we are often fed the wrong information – which makes us confused and unclear. That’s why having an experienced practitioner gently guide you through an area that may be wildly unfamiliar can be a total revelation.

To be able to answer questions like- Where do I disconnect from feeling? Where is there pain and numbness? Is that area still tender from the operation? What areas are pleasureable? What feels relaxing? How is my pelvic floor? Is there much tension in there? What does my cervix feel like? Where is my A-spot anyway?

To feel that her Yoni is connected to the rest of her body – to have an experience where she gets to just receive – where nothing is expected of her, she doesn’t need to perform in any way, she can just relax and discover herself. It sounds so simple, but it’s something so few women have a chance to experience.

After receiving this kind of session, women often experience a sense of clarity about what they want now – and what is no longer acceptable. This could mean being more discerning about who we allow to enter our most sacred space. Or desiring to treat our bodies better. Or choosing to have longer foreplay because it feels amazing. Or taking more time to self-pleasure and explore with curiosity and wonder. Or ending that unhealthy relationship that we both knew wasn’t right. Or taking the leap with that big project.

It’s an empowering embodied experience that can help you feel who you are on a deeper level. It’s about coming home to yourself.

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