Why do women want to experience Yoni Mapping?

Women come to receive Yoni Mapping for a huge variety of different reasons – and any woman can benefit from a session.

Although we make no specific claims about what Yoni Mapping Therapy does specifically or what results you will have personally (every woman is different and each session is different) there are some common themes that women choose to explore in sessions.

Here are some of those themes:

  • She wants to explore another level of self-care and self nurturing.
  • She feels disconnected from her vagina, like it’s not part of her.
  • She doesn’t know her way around this part of her body and wants to be guided through her internal anatomy and discover the different pleasure zones.
  • She has pelvic tension  (some studies indicate that more than 50% of women have chronic tension in the pelvic region – and almost ALL women have some kind of pelvic tension) and wants to receive massage to relax the area
  • She feels numb during sex and wants to feel more sensation internally.
  • She wants to let go of shame or guilt related to her yoni / sexuality.
  • She has sexual trauma from rape / abuse / having sex when she didn’t feel like it / being treated disrespectfully / being penetrated before she was ready – and it’s affecting her relationship with herself and others.
  • She doesn’t have orgasms / She’s addicted to only orgasming with a vibrator / she only has clitoral orgasms / she doesn’t have orgasms during penetration and she wants to learn more about her orgasmic potential.
  • She feels quite connected to her vagina but she’s curious to learn more.
  • She wants to prepare for childbirth by letting go of old memories related to that part of her body & release tension to ensure birth is as smooth as possible.
  • She wants to gently reconnect to her Yoni after childbirth because everything feels different now.
  • She wants to heal emotionally or physically from a pelvic operation (caesarean / abortion / hysterectomy, etc) – Yoni Mapping therapists can also work with basic scar tissue remediation using castor oil.
  • She unexpectedly had a caesarean and might feel disconnected from her vagina.
  • She’s had an abortion or a miscarriage and wants to be at peace with that emotionally.
  • She understands that her Yoni is a sacred space and wants to create a more loving relationship with this part of her being.
  • She feels disconnected from her femininity and wants to feel more like a woman.
  • She wants to have an experience of feeling her body being honoured and respected.
  • Or any combination of the above!!

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