Yoni Mapping is an integrated modality that embraces all aspects of ourselves and works on each level – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual – with the intention that women who experience these sessions can get to know themselves more fully – to discover the potential of their Yoni, and come to a place of love, respect and honouring for themselves.

Registered as a modality by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, or IICT, trained Yoni Mapping Therapists abide by an ethical Code of Conduct and are covered in Australia by a professional indemnity insurance.

‘Yoni’ is the Sanskrit word for vagina, meaning ‘sacred space’. The vagina is indeed a sacred space, it is literally the place from which human life is actually birthed… yet somehow many of us have lost this sense of sacredness and reverence for our vaginas. We don’t always treat them with love and respect, and sometimes we even repeatedly allow others to treat them in a way which is not honouring. In our society, many women are shut off from their Yoni and their sexuality, not always aware of the impact this has on the other areas of life, when we suppress something so essential. When we truly learn to embrace this part of our bodies we can come to a place of deep connection, wholeness, profound self-love and bliss.


Yoni Mapping sessions create a space for presence, relaxation, deep vulnerability and truth telling, raw messy reality and total unconditional acceptance of you exactly as you are.

These sessions welcome and embrace the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual AND sexual aspects of ourselves. We are not seen as just a body, or just a mind, but a whole human being.

Even though we sometimes work quite specifically, in Yoni Mapping there’s nothing we are trying to change or fix, no place to get to and no pushing or forcing. It’s about being present with whatever arises throughout the session, without judging it or labelling it as “good” or “bad”. All of you is welcome – whatever that looks like. And truly it can look like almost anything!

What modalities is Yoni Mapping influenced by?

Yoni Mapping has evolved organically over the last 5 years of Bonnie practicing and developing it, however there are certain modalities, approaches or techniques that have influenced her work.

Here are some of those:

  • Embodied sex education – learning about sexuality through your own body
  • Vaginal mapping techniques
  • Somatic touch
  • Breathwork for relaxation
  • gentle trauma release exercises – rocking, shaking, vibrating
  • Heart-centred touch
  • Gestalt therapy – present moment, body oriented psychotherapy
  • Deep full-bodied listening
  • Muscle corrective therapy for the pelvic area
  • The awakening of the senses
  • Tantric bodywork and Yoni Massage
  • Cervical activation and dearmouring
  • Taoist sexual reflexology and Taoist Massage
  • Sexological Bodywork
  • Karsei Nei Tsang – Taoist Genital Therapeutic Bodywork
  • Chi Nei Tsang – Taoist Abdominal Therapeutic Bodywork
  • Hawaiian temple massage
  • The wheel of Consent  – boundaries and consent communication
  • Womb connection

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