Affectionately referred to as “Mama Koala” by her own two children and many others who know and love her, Hayley is a bit like an old tree; with roots reaching deep into the earth her presence is sure and steady, but her branches and all the diverse strands of her bend and stretch freely with the wind and elements.
Like the tree, she has a natural way of always reaching towards the sunshine of life.
Hayley’s presence naturally offers a sacred and profound space for healing and transformation. As a birth doula, intuitive bodyworker, business mentor and workshop facilitator she is unassuming, earthed and humble.
“I may be a catalyst, but the truth is that inside every human being is a powerful medicine. When someone is truly heard and deeply held this medicine can be accessed and thats how sustainable transformations can begin”
 Hayley Fleming
Hayley has an innate capacity to hear the body speak through her hands, she has a finely tuned capacity to respond to the human body individually, and utilises the unique medicine of each being in a powerfully validating way.
 She has been fascinated with the human body and mind since she has had one herself. She has vivid memories of being a very small child standing behind her grandmother and other family members, being offered pocket money to keep the massage going for just bit longer!
 The natural consequence of being in Hayley’s presence feels like being granted a permission slip to be at peace with the perfectly imperfect being that you are.
She offers the invitation to reclaim forgotten parts of your self, your true nature and to feel a sense of clarity about how to utilise your WHOLE SELF in creating the life you know is possible.
 Hayley feels stoked and deeply honoured to be able to support women as they reconnect physically with their own sacred space and heart, and is tuned in to the powerful healing this offers to our maternal lineage and for all our future generations.

After my session with Hayley I seem have a lot less judgemental and more loving and connection to myself. I feel very connected to my heart space and have been focusing on also feeling more connected to my womb during meditation using the tools gained from the session. I feel like a bit of a veil has been lifted from me with trying to please others all the time, that need seems to be slowly fading away each day. 

I have noticed that when I laugh i feel more connected- like I can feel it deeper in my belly/soul, and have also noticed that it easier to sing (I am not a singer but enjoy singing!) I generally feel more present every day.

The other thing I have reflected on is the fact that I think it was definitely better that the session mostly resulted in a lot of emotional pain for me rather than pleasure. I think for a long time I have been avoiding all of those feelings and i definitely needed to meet myself in that way then I can look to move forward.


Hayley’s humble and unassuming approach to healing put me at ease the minute I walked in the door.
A cup or tea and a biscuit and a warm conversation about ‘taboo’ topics.
From the minute the massage started I could feel the energy and connection with Hayley based on love and acceptance.  My usually busy mind battled with the vulnerability of the situation, and with Hayley’s intuitive guidance I was able to breath through most issues that arouse.  After the body massage, we moved onto the yoni mapping.  This was a new experience for me.  The mapping created energy that started in my womb and moved all the way around my body.  Hayley was gentle and verbally guided me throughout the exploration which made me feel at ease through out the entire experience. I cant recommend this enough.


What a vulnerable and powerful experience Yoni Mapping was for me. I am 7 months pregnant and up until now hadn’t felt really connected to my baby. The combination of massaging my belly, deep breathing and just simply smiling, created this wave of love and happiness that overcame not only my body but my soul. Finally – after months of feeling scared and stressed about pregnancy and birth – I felt at peace. Yoni mapping has taught me to embrace my pregnancy – not be afraid of it, and to trust that my baby and my body know exactly what to do. 


Yoni Mapping is an integrated therapy modality developed by Bonnie Bliss – a gentle and respectful ‘Guided Tour’ of your most intimate and mysterious inner world, with the intention of supporting you to reconnect with your own innate body wisdom.

Registered as a modality by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, or IICT, trained Yoni Mapping Therapists abide by an ethical Code of Conduct and are covered in Australia by a professional indemnity insurance.

‘Yoni’ is the Sanskrit word for vagina, meaning ‘sacred space’. The vagina is indeed a sacred space, it is literally the place from which human life is actually birthed… yet somehow many of us have lost this sense of sacredness and reverence for our vaginas. We don’t always treat them with love and respect, and sometimes we even repeatedly allow others to treat them in a way which is not honouring. In our society, many women are shut off from their Yoni and their sexuality, not always aware of the impact this has on the other areas of life, when we suppress something so essential. When we truly learn to embrace this part of our bodies we can come to a place of deep connection, wholeness, profound self-love and bliss.

Yoni Mapping sessions create a space for presence, relaxation, deep vulnerability and truth telling, raw messy reality and total unconditional acceptance of you exactly as you are.

These sessions welcome and embrace the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual AND sexual aspects of ourselves. We are not seen as just a body, or just a mind, but a whole human being.

Even though we sometimes work quite specifically, in Yoni Mapping there’s nothing we are trying to change or fix, no place to get to and no pushing or forcing. It’s about being present with whatever arises throughout the session, without judging it or labelling it as “good” or “bad”. All of you is welcome – whatever that looks like. And truly it can look like almost anything!

Why do women want to experience Yoni Mapping?

Women come to receive Yoni Mapping for a huge variety of different reasons – and any woman can benefit from a session.

Although we make no specific claims about what Yoni Mapping Therapy does specifically or what results you will have personally (every woman is different and each session is different) there are some common themes that women choose to explore in sessions.

Here are some of those themes:

  • She wants to explore another level of self-care and self nurturing.
  • She feels disconnected from her vagina, like it’s not part of her.
  • She doesn’t know her way around this part of her body and wants to be guided through her internal anatomy and discover the different pleasure zones.
  • She has pelvic tension  (some studies indicate that more than 50% of women have chronic tension in the pelvic region – and almost ALL women have some kind of pelvic tension) and wants to receive massage to relax the area
  • She feels numb during sex and wants to feel more sensation internally.
  • She wants to let go of shame or guilt related to her yoni / sexuality.
  • She has sexual trauma from rape / abuse / having sex when she didn’t feel like it / being treated disrespectfully / being penetrated before she was ready – and it’s affecting her relationship with herself and others.
  • She doesn’t have orgasms / She’s addicted to only orgasming with a vibrator / she only has clitoral orgasms / she doesn’t have orgasms during penetration and she wants to learn more about her orgasmic potential.
  • She feels quite connected to her vagina but she’s curious to learn more.
  • She wants to prepare for childbirth by letting go of old memories related to that part of her body & release tension to ensure birth is as smooth as possible.
  • She wants to gently reconnect to her Yoni after childbirth because everything feels different now.
  • She wants to heal emotionally or physically from a pelvic operation (caesarean / abortion / hysterectomy, etc) – Yoni Mapping therapists can also work with basic scar tissue remediation using castor oil.
  • She unexpectedly had a caesarean and might feel disconnected from her vagina.
  • She’s had an abortion or a miscarriage and wants to be at peace with that emotionally.
  • She understands that her Yoni is a sacred space and wants to create a more loving relationship with this part of her being.
  • She feels disconnected from her femininity and wants to feel more like a woman.
  • She wants to have an experience of feeling her body being honoured and respected.
  • Or any combination of the above!!

What actually happens in a Yoni Mapping Session?

Yoni Mapping Sessions are all 2.5-3 hours long and have a general structure. They always involve many different elements.

These usually include:

  • talk therapy and initial consultation
  • anatomy / sex / yoni related education (if required)
  • agreeing on specific practices to implement at home
  • whole body nurturing bodywork
  • Nurturing breast massage
  • therapeutic abdominal and pelvic massage
  • very gentle external and internal vaginal massage and mapping
  • Grounding and integration sharing

    What modalities is Yoni Mapping influenced by?

    Yoni Mapping has evolved organically over the last 5 years of Bonnie practicing and developing it, however there are certain modalities, approaches or techniques that have influenced her work.

    Here are some of those:

    • Embodied sex education – learning about sexuality through your own body
    • Vaginal mapping techniques
    • Somatic touch
    • Breathwork for relaxation
    • gentle trauma release exercises – rocking, shaking, vibrating
    • Heart-centred touch
    • Gestalt therapy – present moment, body oriented psychotherapy
    • Deep full-bodied listening
    • Muscle corrective therapy for the pelvic area
    • The awakening of the senses
    • Tantric bodywork and Yoni Massage
    • Cervical activation and dearmouring
    • Taoist sexual reflexology and Taoist Massage
    • Sexological Bodywork
    • Karsei Nei Tsang – Taoist Genital Therapeutic Bodywork
    • Chi Nei Tsang – Taoist Abdominal Therapeutic Bodywork
    • Hawaiian temple massage
    • The wheel of Consent  – boundaries and consent communication
    • Womb connection

      How do women feel after a Yoni Mapping session?

      After receiving Yoni Mapping, women often have similar things to say:

      “I feel like all women need to experience this!”
      “I was so nervous before but it felt so natural and normal…”
      “I had no idea all that was inside of me, that it’s all part of me… ”
      “I feel like I’m totally whole – I’ve never felt so complete.”
      “I’m feeling all these sensations that I’ve never felt before.”
      “OMG… Can you teach this to my boyfriend!?”
      “It’s like my vagina and I are friends now!”

      Why is this type of therapy necessary? Does it really need to be internal?

      There are many medical studies proving the benefits of internal therapeutic pelvic massage – documented by the Wise-Anderson Protocol at Stanford University.

      Some people would say that it’s unnecessary to do internal massage for women – that we don’t need to touch clients internally in order for them to learn. This is true, we don’t need to. However, there are several benefits of offering such intimate sessions (apart from the obvious physical benefits of pelvic massage!)

      In our culture today, so many women are completely disconnected from their whole pelvic region – mostly due to trauma of some kind. We live in such a highly sexualised world, yet this overt sexuality is usually just expressed on the surface. Underneath, many of us are struggling to understand ourselves as sexual beings. Even in my workshops, I rarely meet women who truly KNOW their vagina well.

      Massaging and mapping internally allows a woman to actually meet her Yoni. To discover this part of her that has always been there. We do not receive adequate education about our own basic anatomy and sexuality. In fact, we are often fed the wrong information – which makes us confused and unclear. That’s why having an experienced practitioner gently guide you through an area that may be wildly unfamiliar can be a total revelation.

      To be able to answer questions like- Where do I disconnect from feeling? Where is there pain and numbness? Is that area still tender from the operation? What areas are pleasureable? What feels relaxing? How is my pelvic floor? Is there much tension in there? What does my cervix feel like? Where is my A-spot anyway?

      To feel that her Yoni is connected to the rest of her body – to have an experience where she gets to just receive – where nothing is expected of her, she doesn’t need to perform in any way, she can just relax and discover herself. It sounds so simple, but it’s something so few women have a chance to experience.

      After receiving this kind of session, women often experience a sense of clarity about what they want now – and what is no longer acceptable. This could mean being more discerning about who we allow to enter our most sacred space. Or desiring to treat our bodies better. Or choosing to have longer foreplay because it feels amazing. Or taking more time to self-pleasure and explore with curiosity and wonder. Or ending that unhealthy relationship that we both knew wasn’t right. Or taking the leap with that big project.

      It’s an empowering embodied experience that can help you feel who you are on a deeper level. It’s about coming home to yourself.

      What makes Yoni Mapping different to other Yoni related bodywork sessions or therapy modalities?

      There are many different methods and styles out there – some incredible and some not so great. The main issue with this industry is that it is not properly regulated, so there are lots of people without any training (or with very limited training) offering sessions that could potentially be causing more harm than good. Touching vaginas professionally is a pretty big deal, in my opinion. There are very few courses that teach an embodied version of anything holistic or integrated related to this- most focus just on one or two angles or approaches.

      Here are a few examples of other ways some practitioners work in this general field:

      MEDICAL / PHYSICAL APPROACH  -The purely medical or physical approach often has no regard for the human being inside the body, the delicate nervous system and the complex web of emotions we all experience. (This is why many of my clients have major trauma from pap smears / medical procedures / operations etc) Some of these modalities go straight into the vagina without any warm up or expressed consent. The body can sometimes be seen as just as a machine by people who have trained within the medical system – simply a system of muscles and bones- things to manipulate, fix, untangle, release.

      ENERGETIC APPROACH – Some modalities are based on energetic healing, which can be powerful – clearing energetic blockages without physical touch. However, I really feel that physical touch is so important with the Yoni – to relax, sensitise, release physical tension  and feel more connected to the area in a visceral, embodied sense.

      SEXUAL APPROACH – Some practitioners work mostly from a sexual perspective – with a goal orientation of trying to give a woman an orgasm, to awaken her g-spot or “make her squirt”. These sessions are trying to give her an experience rather that simply being present with what is there – and they often have a weird or seedy vibe.

      ‘TANTRIC’ APPROACH -Tantric Yoni Massage sessions can be really beautiful, but are generally framed as a spiritual thing – a “Tantric experience” – and often don’t offer coaching or practices to deepen your connection with yourself. Tantric bodyworkers can be highly trained in working with sexual energy but tend to do bodywork that is more surfaced-based, rather than also working more specifically with the muscles and fascia / working with specific issues  /  or supporting women emotionally through a process.  All practitioners work differently – this is just my personal experience of Tantric massage.

      MENTAL APPROACH – When things are challenging in the realm of sex and relating, we are taught to go to see a psychologist, counsellor or psychotherapist. Some of these kinds of therapists are quite incredible – psychotherapy can be just the right thing in many cases – and I do OFTEN refer clients to psychologists and psychotherapists or trauma therapists when it could be helpful for them. However, for SOME people who have issues with feeling disconnected from their body or have experienced a  violation of their body, it doesn’t always help long term. This is because many “talk therapy” styles tend to just stay focused in the mind – rehashing the story but not always getting anywhere in terms of the story stored in the body.

      Yoni Mapping is an integrated modality that embraces all aspects of ourselves and works on each level – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual – with the intention that women who experience these sessions can get to know themselves more fully – to discover the potential of their Yoni, and come to a place of love, respect and honouring for themselves.