Earth Mama Hayley – the name, the person, the brand, the business – was borne from an intention of being grounded, connected and real; not perfect and goddess-like and immaculate.

It comes from the place where being mature, respectful and even highly intelligent can have an element of potty-mouth language and a dirty mind.

Where professionalism and the ability to be a responsible human has nothing to do with things like tattoos or the prettiness of your surroundings, or even the clothes you wear.

Where understanding that being a mama isn’t only defined by the babies you may birth, or even how you birth them if you do – but more a state of being we can choose daily; where we can re-parent ourselves and offer a nurturing spirit to self and other living things.

Where your gifts can be shared with the world regardless of whether you’re in ebb or flow.

Where beauty lies within imperfections and where we can learn to trust in the law of nature that is constantly coming back into balance.

Inside of us and outside of us.

Where we revel in the earth’s playground that surrounds us and remain forever playful and childishly cheeky.

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