About Hayley

Affectionately referred to as “Mama Koala” by her own two children and many others who know and love her, Hayley is a bit like an old tree; with roots reaching deep into the earth her presence is sure and steady, but her branches and all the diverse strands of her bend and stretch freely with the wind and elements.

Like the tree, she has a natural way of always reaching towards the sunshine of life.

Hayley’s presence naturally offers a sacred and profound space for healing and transformation. As a birth doula, intuitive bodyworker, business mentor and workshop facilitator she is unassuming, earthed and humble.

“I may be a catalyst, but the truth is that inside every human being is a powerful medicine. When someone is truly heard and deeply held this medicine can be accessed and thats how sustainable transformations can begin”

– Hayley Fleming

Hayley has an innate capacity to hear the body speak through her hands, she has a finely tuned capacity to respond to the human body individually, and utilises the unique medicine of each being in a powerfully validating way.

She has been fascinated with the human body and mind since she has had one herself. She has vivid memories of being a very small child standing behind her grandmother and other family members, being offered pocket money to keep the massage going for just bit longer!

The natural consequence of being in Hayley’s presence feels like being granted a permission slip to be at peace with the perfectly imperfect being that you are.

She offers the invitation to reclaim forgotten parts of your self, your true nature and to feel a sense of clarity about how to utilise your WHOLE SELF in creating the life you know is possible.

Hayley feels stoked and deeply honoured to be able to support women as they reconnect physically with their own sacred space and heart, and is tuned in to the powerful healing this offers to our maternal lineage and for all our future generations.

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