Birth Support Doula

Hayley is a mum, a birth Support Doula as well as many other things.

Hayley supports women through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. She can help to to transform fear and anxiety into confidence, intuition and connection. Hayley can teach you how to trust in your own innate wisdom and guidance throughout your pregnancy and during the birthing process.

She feels it is imperative to hold space for pregnant women and mothers to move through their powerful transformation into motherhood. Birthing a baby is a life changing experience, one which completely reshapes our world. Hayley will educate you on your options and help you know and voice your birth rights. She will make you feel safe because when you feel safe, respected and in control, your body knows how to function normally, gently and calmly.

Hayley has a beautiful, open heart and loves the ability to empower women throughout their journey into motherhood and beyond.

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