Throughout my coaching business, I help you dive deeper into how to get to that next level in your business or on the career ladder, or even in your personal life. I act as your champion to help you get closer to finding out your strengths and talents and help you to see value in them. I help you to position yourself for success.

I ask you to write a list of who you want to be when you ‘grow up’ – although I’m not big on ‘adulting’ – there is a time and a place – but being playful, cheeky and creative can uncover huge potential in people.

I look at my mentors throughout my journey and I often use them for inspiration and ask myself in times of doubt, ‘What would Oprah do?’ This helps me to remember my potential and motivates me to put my best foot forward.

 I believe we need to be open to serendipity, and to look back at the footsteps and achievements that have assisted in us being where we are – each step is placing us in this very moment – and I think that is quite an achievement.

Women tend to be so modest; we tend to not really share and talk about how great we are, how talented we are. So oftentimes, this is the coach’s role, my role – I’ll be your cheerleader – and for women, especially, this is something we really need in our back pocket.

Don’t be afraid of your strengths – they’re what make you who you are – and you’re amazing, I’ll help you to make those strengths shine and for you to be proud of them. Face to face, Skype and phone coaching is available. Contact me to book your first session.

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